The Guide to The Do Naxatra Oracle Deck

Introduction to The Do Naxatra Oracle Deck

Let's Know What is Oracle Deck?

Oracle cards are the tool to channel our internal intuitive energy to find answers of our questions. Traditional tarot cards are having a traditional constant structure where as oracle cards can be of any kind and structure. It is all about author’s creativity and imagination which helps the readers/channelers to get the divine message in a more detailed way. Reader/channeler shuffle these cards to provide their own energy to these cards and with their intuitive and interpretation quality, they channel divine messages as per the question asked. These are broadly guiding tools which helps to make one’s direction of life to the correct path and make one to take the correct decision at the correct moment. 

Why "The Do Naxatra Oracle Deck"?

We have designed “The Do Naxatra Oracle Deck” (shortly called TDNOD) inspired from vedic astrology. It consists of 28 naxatra cards, 12 astrological house cards, 9 astrological planet cards and 5 guide cards which can be used to help you out while using the rest of the cards . Let’s know what are these terminologies such as naxatra, houses, planets…….

Just look at the sky… You will see it is infinite….. Right? Let’s imagine our system of study is only the portion of sky above our planet earth which we know till date and we can see to… 

In Vedic astrology this system is divided in 12 sectors and each sector is named as per the constellation present there called zodiac or rashi. Also these zodiacs lie upon different constellations called naxatras. (Our celestial sphere is divided into 88 modern constellations out of these there are 12 zodiacs and 28 Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions.)

As per their shape they have been named and they have their certain characteristics as per the vedic astrology. They have their ruling lords. Broadly we have discussed in the respective naxatra pages where you can click and read them.

(Find the individual naxatra links in the right side from top if you are viewing via desktop/tab and it’s downwards after the completion of discussion if viewing from mobile under the section of “28 Naxatra Cards”. Click on those names to go their respective pages. )

There are 28 naxatras. The whole sky is divided into 12 different parts or zodiacs, each of 30 degrees (360 degree /12). The first 27 naxatras are of 13 degree 20 minutes each and everyone starts when the other ends chronologically. Where as the last naxatra Abhijit starts from 06°40′ and ends at 10°53’20 in Makara or Capricorn Zodiac. 

Planets by the definition of vedic they are the object which are the things by which can be controlled. Please don’t mix it with the english term planet which contains 8 planets names. Here in vedic in sanskrit we can say, GRAHA – Grhyate anena iti

Grhyate (Control) anena (by) iti (in this manner)

So here we will take graha as per the vedic astrology. 

Major confusion may occur in the case of Rahu & Ketu as we can’t see them as object. But as per Vedic astrology, they are Graha or Planet as per the definition discussed above. Scientifically they are two points. 

(Scientifically a lunar node i.e. Rahu or Ketu is either of the two orbital nodes of the Moon, that is, the two points at which the orbit of the Moon intersects the ecliptic. The ascending node or north node or Rahu is where the Moon moves into the northern ecliptic hemisphere, while the descending node or south node or Ketu is where the Moon enters the southern ecliptic hemisphere.)

Here we will be using the houses in vedic astrology as per the north indian charts style. Please go through the below picture. 

As per the definition of graha, we in vedic astrology see the combination of position of planets in different naxatras at the time of birth of the person as per the birth place. We position the zodiac to the first house which was rising from east at the time of birth. Let say at the time of birth the zodiac of Taurus or Brusav was rising in east at the particular degree of 17. Then the person will have Rohini naxatra Taurus zodiac Ascendant. Means Taurus in the first house. Then we will see the Second house will lie upon Gemini, Third house on Cancer and so on. In this way we can say if Saturn is in the sign of Aries, for the same person the Saturn can also be said as it is in Twelfth house. Because Aries will lie in 12th house for the same person. 

As per the Kalpurus kundali, the first house ruler-ship goes to Aries, second house ruler-ship goes to Taurus, third house ruler-ship goes to Gemini, fourth house ruler-ship goes to Cancer, fifth house ruler-ship goes to Leo, sixth house ruler-ship goes to Virgo, seventh house ruler-ship goes to Libra, eighth house ruler-ship goes to Scorpio, ninth house ruler-ship goes to Sagittarius, tenth house ruler-ship goes to Capricorn, eleventh house ruler-ship goes to Aquarius, twelfth house ruler-ship goes to Pisces. So even if you have some other lagna or ascendant of first house sign, but if you see only a house then you should think about the traits of those zodiac as per the kalpurus kundali as we don’t know what is the actual ascendant is. 

Pre instruction

After opening the deck of “The Do Naxatra Oracle Deck” you will find 5 guide cards. Those are the cards can be used to help you out while using the rest of the cards. It is recommended to always have these 5 cards in your side if you are having difficulties while using this deck. Make sure you have gone through this guide page thoroughly and each card’s detailed description and how to use instructions. 

All the best!!!

Basic instruction to read with our deck of cards

There is no hard and first rule to use our cards but yes we would suggest to go through our each and every card description via visiting each pages. To get your energy to be channelled greatly with the cards make sure to shuffle your cards thoroughly and pick any number of cards that your gut feeling tells to. It is great to take the cards which tries themselves to be out while shuffling via getting your energy. If you are a channeler and you come across many people to read for them, make sure to cleanse your cards before doing next reading. There are many ways to cleanse your cards before doing readings. 

  • Knock on the deck as many times as you feel guided to clear the energy of the cards
  • Sun bath for some hours
  • Leaving deck under full moon light
  • Crystals like Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Blue Calcite, Quartz, Labradorite, Amethyst or any other cleansing or healing stone can be put upon your deck for over night also upto 3 days. 

We are providing a small piece of Amethyst stone in our latest pack which can be used for your deck to be cleansed. If you are busy oracle deck reader or channeler then use multiple decks and make sure to place your other decks for cleansing. 

Our 28 Naxatra cards have some already written divine messages which can directly be taken and they all are about what should you do instantly if you need a quick guidance. 

For a detailed reading guidance please visit the respective pages for the each naxatras, planets and houses pages. 

(Find the individual links in the right side from top if you are viewing via desktop/tab and it’s downwards after the completion of discussion if viewing from mobile. Click on those names to go their respective pages. )

The first guide card is shown above which you will find with our deck of cards. This guide card will help you out to easily read the all 28 naxatra cards. Each naxatra is of 13 degree 20 minute span lies upon one or two zodiac signs. Each zodiac has a planet as their ruler also each naxatra has one planet as their ruler. Broadly we will be studying the cards in this way only. Other pada lords etc we will not consider. 

In the provided image above please read those once and fill up the capitalised alphabets mentioned below with appropriate words. 

“F naxatra having the ruler-ship of the planet B which symbolises as C has the divine message D  lies on the last 6 degree 10 minutes of zodiac E1 and first 6 degree 10 minutes of zodiac E2 (As total span of a naxatra is of 13 degree 20 minutes and the division of colours of zodiac clearly shows as it meets at the middle of the naxatra.).”

To fill the blanks we will be needing the rest 4 guide cards and match it with the number, the colours, and planet symbol. Which is given below. 

If you have matched it up correctly then, the line will be;

“Dhanishta naxatra having the ruler-ship of the planet Mars which symbolises as Flute has the divine message -‘Frankness and easy adaptability will make your life more joyful’ lies on the last 6 degree 10 minutes of zodiac Capricorn and first 6 degree 10 minutes of zodiac Aquarius”

From the above line you can refer the respective planets and the houses they represent as per the kal purus kundali, the naxatra meaning and the other cards you have pulled you can summarise your channelled messages. 

It is advisable to go through all the naxatras also the planets and houses pages given at the top right side of this page and thoroughly read them which will give you a clear vision to read each and every cards correctly. 

28 Naxatra Cards

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