Naxatras in Vedic Astrology

Why "The Do Naxatra Oracle Deck"?

We have designed “The Do Naxatra Oracle Deck” inspired from vedic astrology. It consists of 28 Naxatra cards, 12 Astrological houses cards, 9 astrological planet cards and 5 guide cards which can be used to help you out while using the rest of the cards . Let’s know what are these terminologies such as naxatra, houses, planets and what does it mean about the each cards and what are they actually are…. 

Just look at the sky… You will see it is infinite right? Let’s imagine our system of study is only the portion of sky above our planet earth which we know till date and we can see to… 

In Vedic astrology this system is divided in 12 sectors and each sector is with a constellations called zodiac or rashi. Also they lie upon different constellations called naxatras

As per their shape they have been named and they have their certain characteristics. They have their ruling lords. Broadly we have discussed in the respective naxatra pages where you can click and read them . 

There are 28 naxatras. The whole sky is divided into 12 different parts/zodiacs, each of 30 degrees (360 degree /12). The first 27 naxatras are of 13 degree 20 minutes each and everyone starts when the other ends chronologically. Where as the last naxatra Abhijit starts from 06°40′  and ends at 10°53’20 in Makara or Capricorn Zodiac. 

28 Naxatra Cards

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