Purva Ashadha naxatra

General Details

The 20th Naxatra in Vedic astrology is Purva Ashadha comes under Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Naxatra – Purva Ashadha

Naxatra Sign – Winnowing fan

Naxatra Lord – Venus

Naxatra lord Colour – White

Zodiac – Sagittarius

Zodiac Lord – Jupiter

Zodiac Colour – Minion Yellow

Degree – 13o 20’ to 26o 40’ of Sagittarius

When this card comes upright....

It is advisable to use your dominating personality to win over any arguments. 

When this card comes reverse....

It is advisable not to be involved in any kind of arguments unnecessarily. It there is any arguments occurring involving you then it is better to be polite and never be dominated to win over. 

28 Naxatra Cards

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