Made from tree free, completely Eco-friendly papers. Pre order with 50% discount! Gift Box Pack Watch the review here. Quality of Cards: Matte, 350 GSM Box contains: 1- The Do Naxatra Oracle deck (49 oracle cards & 5 guide cards, size 3 inch * 6 inch) 2- Free Amethyst stone chips bottle 3- Small Guide Book Authored by Saswati Dash
Eco friendly, no harmful chemicals, no cutting of trees.
“The Do Naxatra Oracle Deck” (shortly called TDNOD) inspired from vedic astrology, is the tool to channel your intuitive internal energy and to know the answer to the question "What you should do Next?". It gives the best guidance if you have thoroughly gone through our minimalist guide book which will take hardly a day to go through. Please have a look on the digital guide book. This deck has 54 cards of size 3 inch * 6 inch including 28 naxatra cards, 9 planet cards, all 12 astrological houses cards  and 5 more extra guide cards.
It contains;
28 Naxatra Cards:
Ashwini Card
Bharani Card
Krittika Card
Rohini Card
Mrigashirsha Card
Ardra Card
Punarvasu Card
Pushya Card
Ashlesha Card
Magha Card
Purva Phalguni Card
Uttara Phalguni Card
Hasta Card
Chitra Card
Swati Card
Vishakha Card
Anuradha Card
Jyeshtha Card
Mula Card
Purva Ashadha Card
Uttara Ashadha Card
Sravana Card
Dhanishta Card
Shatabhisha Card
Purva Bhadrapada Card
Uttara Bhadrapada Card
Revati Card
Abhijit Card
9 Planet Cards:
Ketu Card
Venus Card
Sun Card
Moon Card
Mars Card
Rahu Card
Jupiter Card
Saturn Card
Mercury Card
12 House Cards:
1st House Card
2nd House Card
3rd House Card
4th House Card
5th House Card
6th House Card
7th House Card
8th House Card
9th House Card
10th House Card
11th House Card
12th House Card
5 Instant guide cards:
- From them 2 cards are containing list of naxatras chronological names and their corresponding numbers. Each card contains 14 naxatra names which helps to know the name of naxatra after seeing the numbers in the naxatra cards.
- 1 Planet colour and symbols card helps to know which symbol and colour is of which planet.
- 1 Zodiac and their colours list card
- 1 naxatra card guider diagram card denoting each part of the naxatra and its meaning with
The pdf version of the guide book is also downloadable from our official website
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